Connecting Guy Readers With Books

GLW Sidebar If you haven't heard of the blog Guys Lit Wire yet, then you're missing out–and I'm not just saying that because I'm the webmaster over there. Guys Lit Wire is all about connecting teen guys (well, and girls, too) with great books, from middle grade and YA fiction to adult crossover titles.

Founded by Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray (who happens to be one of our judges for MG/YA Nonfiction), Guys Lit Wire doesn't just review books, it actually helps put them in the hands of the teenagers who want to read them: during Operation Teen Book Drop in 2009, GLW oversaw a book drive that saw over 600 books sent to a needy library in the LA County Juvenile Detention Center, and in 2010, 772 books were sent to school libraries at Ojo Encino Day School & Alchesay High School, both on Native American reservation land.

Nearly 30 different bloggers (most of whom already maintain blogs of their own) contribute their diverse viewpoints to Guys Lit Wire–and several of those bloggers are also a part of the Cybils this year. Besides yours truly and Colleen, other GLW contributors include:

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