Cybils Author Love–Plus a Print Mention!

Yeah, we know YOU guys love us. 🙂 But it's always a teeny bit extra special when we get author props here at the Cybils. And this past week or two, we've learned that a few authors have been saying some pretty nice stuff about us:

  • Our Lady Jane Yolen posted about us in her Facebook status, saying: "Just found a fourth book of mine–ELSIE'S BIRD–has been nominated for the Cybils. Big Grin."
  • Lee Bennett Hopkins also posted about the Cybils in his Facebook status: "GOOD NEWS (But not the news I'm going to share Saturday or Sunday): GIVE ME WINGS (Holiday House) is also nominated for a Cybils Poetry Award along with SHARING THE SEASONS (McElderry Books) and AMAZING FACES (Lee & Low) – WOW-ish."
  • Shannon Hale, who's won multiple Cybils in different categories, tweeted about us! "I think we'll see the cybils rise in prominence among kids/YA lit awards in the next few years. Their awards lists are always solid."

Last but not least, the Cybils were mentioned in a print publication (thanks to Betsy Bird for the tip)–namely, Tony Isabella’s 1000 Comic Books You Must Read. On page 222 is a past Cybs winner, Amelia Rules by Jimmy Gownley. The listing reads:

After her parents’ divorce, Amelia adjusts to her life in a new town with the help of friends. Her stories are funny, moving, and true-to-life. Amelia Rules: Superheroes won the 2007 Cybil Award for best graphic novel for readers 12 and under.

A print mention! We're famous! Thanks so much to all the authors, illustrators, and reviewers who've given us props this year and over the years. We appreciate each and every one of you–and that's why we do this Cybils thing.

–Sarah Stevenson, blog editor