Cybils Challenge!

Today was 10/10/10, which is all kinds of cool any way you look at it.  Binary Day to some, the end of the world as we know it to others and just five days away from that all important Cybils nomination deadline to us here.  So why not celebrate the almost-end of ten, ten, ten with a contest?

Try to think up ten books that aren't nominated that should be and list them along with why they should be nominated, visit ten amazing kidlit blogs and tell us why you think they are amazing, and for good measure, list your favorite library or indie bookstore and why you love it. The deadline's the same as the Cybils nominations deadline–end of the day on October 15th.

We'll take the first 10 (appropriate) entries to post a link in the comments, put the names into a hat, and pick one. The lucky winner will have their post highlighted right here on the Cybils blog.

Thatโ€™s it – let the wild rumpus begin!  Happy Binary Day everyone!

Gina Ruiz, social media guru