National Geographic Readers: Ants by Melissa Stewart

Today's featured review comes from one of our new volunteers this year, Jeff Barger. Jeff, who blogs at NC Teacher Stuff, is a kindergarten teacher and one of our Round I Judges for Easy Readers and Early Chapter Books. On his blog, you'll find reviews of quality library books as well as a wealth of online instructional resources for teachers.

NatGeoAnts Earlier this year, Jeff reviewed one of our Easy Reader nominees, National Geographic Readers: Ants by Melissa Stewart. Part of a series of books on topics relating to the natural world (Pandas and Storms, to name a few of the others), this volume takes a look at the weird and fascinating world of these surprisingly varied six-legged critters. Says Jeff in his review:

There are more than 10 quadrillion ants in the world. The queen African driver ant alone lays fifty million eggs a year. I say we stop teaching these cute penguin units and start focusing on the ants.

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