Brain Jack by Brian Falkner

Undusty New Books is the blog of Round I Fantasy and Sci-Fi judge Hallie Tibbetts, a literature event planner and former teacher who loves to read and review young adult books. In addition, she's a volunteer for Narrate Conferences, a nonprofit organization that puts on fun events like…oh, a conference or two about Harry Potter, just to name one example. How cool is that?

BrainJack Last month, Hallie took a look at YA Sci-Fi nominee Brain Jack by Brian Falkner, author of past Cybils nominee The Tomorrow Code. His latest book is another exciting sci-fi adventure, this time about a smart teen computer hacker helping battle techno-terrorism. In her review, Hallie says:

Part action flick, part meditation on the powers and perils of technology, Brain Jack is a fast, fun read. It leans heavily on technology, but the story unfolds in a way that even technonewbies can follow.

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