Our hard-working panelists

Three cheers for the many bloggers who read through a stack of more than 1,200 books this Cybils season. Our panelists slaved through the autumn months and past Christmas to get a short list in on time. Everyone worked hard. I got ZERO complaints of a panelist vanishing mid-season or dropping out of discussions. Just the opposite — organizers universally praised their volunteers.

So let's take a glimpse of some of their accomplishments:

Jennifer Wharton of Jean Little Library read the most books of any participants. A volunteer in Fiction Picture Books, she combed through some 257 titles this year.

Awrighty, so picture books are only 32 pages apiece. That doesn't lessen Jennifer's achievement. But let's also give a big shout out to the panelist whe read the most regular ol' books. That would be Ms. Yingling of her eponymous blog, who polished off an astonishing 243 143 titles in Fantasy & Science Fiction (Middle Grade).

We also broke the stats down by number of pages read. Hallie Tibbetts of Undusty New Books makes us all look illiterate. She read 40,905 pages for the Fantasy & Science Fiction (Young Adult) list. Hallie, please don't sue us if you need stronger glasses by now. Ms. Yingling gets top honors in her genre too for reading 40,651 pages.

Cherylyne from The View from Above & Beyond read the most Young Adult fiction pages: 28,380. Sandra from The Musings of a Book Addict read the most pages in the Middle Grade fiction genre: 27,491.

A big round of applause for our amazing, speed-reading panelists and all their hard work. They made our Round 2 judges' jobs much easier, and we thank them all.

Update: We've corrected the number of books Ms. Yingling actually read. Still an amazing feat. Thanks!