Bookmarks with a full listing of our 2010 winners (plus contact info for the contest) just landed on my doorstep. They are as lovely as in years past, though we didn't do 2009 for lack of funds. Wah.

This is one of our main publicity pushes — for both us and our winners. I used to put huge stacks of them in my favorite cafe when I lived in Chicago. It only took a week for them to disappear (lucky thing it was near a preschool and groups of mommies would gather after morning drop-off).

They'd look perfect stacked by your library check-out desk. Or snuck into your students' Friday Folders. Or, hey, why not left in your favorite cafe?

These are FREE, including postage, if you want 'em. I generally shove a fistful into an envelope (don't worry — padded this time. I learned my lesson) and send them off to you. Want a bunch? Email me, not Cybils, at anne (at) inlandempress (dot) com. I will TRY to get them all out in the next week or two, but don't hold me to it. They will come before the 2011 bookmarks are due, I swear.

I will also bring a tote full to the Kidlit Con. If you go, leave a little room in your carry-on. You'll want a stack of these lovely things. And did I mention they are free, free as the wind blows?

-Anne Levy, Cybils Overlord

PS: Please put "bookmarks" in the subject line. I get a lot of email.