The 2011 Middle Grade Fiction Judges

This is one of our most popular categories and organizer Kerry Millar decided to shake things up a bit this year. Some veteran judges were juggled around to make room for new blood. That's good for everyone involved, particularly those joining us for the first time. Welcome!

Round 1

Colby Sharp
Sharp Read

Jennifer Donovan
5 Minutes for Books

Karen Yingling
Ms. Yingling Reads

Cheryl Vanati
Reading Rumpus

Grier Jewell
Fizzwhizzing Flushbunker

Michael Gettel-Gilmartin
Middle Grade Mafioso

Beth Gallego
Points West

Round 2

Kerry Millar
Shelf Elf

Melissa Fox
Book Nut

Jessalyn Pinsonault
Garish & Tweed

Karen Wang

Amanda Snow
A Patchwork of Books