Join us October 1st through the 15th!

October is around the corner, and that means one thing. No, not pumpkin carving. Okay, two things. No, not Halloween either. So that's three things. Apple cider and donuts! The smell of raked leaves! Enough candy to rot every tooth in America!

No, none of those things. Drat my New England upbringing. October means a lot of stuff, now that I think of it.

Let's try this again.

October is around the corner and that means Cybils nominations will be open! For two brief, happy weeks, you can tell us which books should get a good look-see from our first-round judges. All nominations are open to the public and we'll post the nomination form promptly on October the first (at midnight! Watch for it).

We'll also start running the best book reviews from said panelists so you can add yet more tomes to your to-be-read pile. Mine is electronic, so I don't have to worry that my nightstand will collapse, at least. 

So get ready for nominations. Put on a scary mask, stick a tea light in the jack o'lantern, spike the apple cider and let's have at it.

See you the first week in October.

–Anne Levy, Cybils admin.