Meet Anne Levy, Cybils Overlord

Zombatar_5 (2) Oh, I give up. I've called myself the Cybils Editor, Cybils Sherpa, Cybils Admin. It doesn't matter. Every year, more than 100 bloggers give up any semblence of free time to become my minion for several months. For the organizers, it's a full six months. So I may as well wear my "overlord" mantel with pride while I perfect my demonic laugh.

When not bending innocent book bloggers to my will, I work part time writing up news summaries for a radio newswire. It's got the three things I like most in a day job: it's fun, it's mindless and my co-workers are hilarious (sometimes unintentionally). Oh, and I just put the finishing touches on Draft #984 of a young adult fantasy novel, which has lately been mutating into three novels, but who's counting?

I blog right here at Cybils, a seasonal occurance that seriously bends the eligibility rules, but it's nice to be the overlord.