Meet Kerry Millar, Middle Grade Fiction Organizer

Kerry2 It wouldn't be Fall without a lot of freshly sharpened pencils, my requisite new pair of school shoes, plenty of apple cider, homemade pie on Sunday and the Cybils. If I had to choose between my prize-winning apple pie and the Cybils, I'm not sure I could. I love pie a whole lot. Therefore, I love the Cybils a whole lot.

When I'm not making pie, I'm a teacher-librarian / bad dancer / Siamese wrangler / Terrier cuddler. Very little makes me happier than adding to the stack of library books that lives under my desk. I've been blogging about books for kids and teens at Shelf Elf for four years, and I'm happy to be back here again as category organizer for Middle Grade Fiction. In my house, there's always room for more pie, and always room for more books.