The 2011 Nonfiction for MG/YA Judges


Geez, some of these headlines are a mouthful. MG stands for Middle Grade and YA for Young Adult, for those of us without an MLS degree. This category has been a black hole for organizers and we tend to lose them at a tragic rate. Fortunately, it’s always been staffed by wonderful volunteers who can be counted on to produce a dazzling set of winners in this oft-overlooked genre. This year’s organizer is Gina Ruiz, and we’re hoping nothing happens to her, but no promises.

Round One

Sarah Rettger
Archimedes Forgets

Roberta Gibson
Wrapped in Foil 

Kara Dean
Not Just for Kids

Karen Ball
Ms. B’s Favorites

Jennifer Rothschild
Biblio File

Ed Sullivan
Rogue Librarian 

Louise Capizzo
The Non-Fiction Detectives

Round 2

Carol Rasco
Rasco from Rif 

Margo Tannenbaum
The Fourth Musketeer 

Richie Partington
Richie’s Picks

Shirley Duke
Simply Science

Sarah Sammis
Puss Reboots