Shine vs. Chime

By now, hardcore bibliophiles know the controversy over the mysterious sixth nomination to the National Book Awards. To make a long story short, the Young Peoples Literature category first came out last week with five nominees and then a sixth was added just afterward. Well, here's a sorry update about playing telephone, grown-up version.

Wouldn't you know that the judges meant to include "Chime" by Franny Billingsley all along, but some staffer heard "Shine" by Lauren Myracle over the phone.  "Shine" has been withdrawn as of today. Myracle's statement sounds gracious and all, but here's a bit of consolation for her, for what it's worth:

"Shine" is a Cybils nominee and "Chime" is not.

Then again, writing god Sherman Alexie won a National Book Award in this same category in 2007 but lost in Cybils to Barry Lyga for "Boy Toy." You just never know.

Update: Gah! Serves me right for only looking under our Young Adult nominations. "Chime" is under SFF. And for the commenter who thinks I'm being hard … huh? Where did you get that I'm being hard on Billingsley? Are you reading in the same language that I'm writing in? -Anne.

Update 2: Libba Bray chimes in with a fierce defense of Myracle. Caution: adult language, but well worth the read. (Whoops again — fixed the missing link. It's been one of those days.)