Take us to your favorite indie bookstore!

We'd like to start a new feature soon. We'd love it if Cybils fans would send us some snapshots of your favorite indie bookstore and tell us a few things you love about the place. It's got that hawt emo guy behind the counter who always says hi in that way of his. Or they always seem to know what YA fantasy you absolutely need next, even before you know it. It's got floor cushions so you can sprawl in comfort. Or you once saw someone who looked just like Neil Gaiman there, from the side, at least.

Whatever draws you back to the place, we'd love to get a glimpse of it too. Send us no more than four photos, one of them with you in it, with your email. Try to get different shots — maybe one of the outside? Not directing, just suggesting. Don't forget a link to the store's website, pretty please! We'll feature one bookstore a week.

Booksellers — yes, you can participate too. Go ahead. If we feel like it was written by an actual human being and not your marketing hack, we'll probably publish it. Try not to pose like your panties are itching you.

Send to: Cybils09@gmail.com

NB: Spammers will be shot on sight.