“Rival” by Sara Bennett Wealer

Stacked blogger Kelly Jensen recently announced she's read her 230th book this year. If that's not enough to make the rest of us feel almost illiterate, then consider this: she also writes some of the meatiest reviews of those books ever committed to pixels. Don't click on her site if you're in a rush, unless you're bookmarking it for later. There's plenty to keep you engrossed.

by Sara Bennett Wealer

"Rival" looks at two teen girls about to enter a singing competition. In her review, Jensen digs beneath the plot to look at how the author tells the story from two distinct perspectives. She credits the author with creating two separate voices, each of which rings true.

An excerpt:

Kathryn and Brooke might be some of the more realistic high schoolers I've read. Their dialogue, their rivalry, their interactions, and sheer insecurities mixed with their passion in social and artistic endeavors clicked. I know these girls working with teens today, and I knew these girls when I was a teen myself. So, despite being a little let down in what the big deal was that caused the two of them to be at war with one another, it's extremely realistic and honest. Most readers won't think twice about it because it's an easy buy. It makes sense.

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