“Wonderstruck” by Brian Selznick

Take a sec to pat yourselves on the back, Cybilians (*pat*pat*), for being one of the first literary awards to go all multi-media while others were still saying "graphic what?" Alysa Stewart joins this forward-looking bunch of judges this year in Graphic Novels. She contributes to everead, just one of five blogs listed in her Blogspot profile (wow … Alysa, when do you sleep?)

by Brian Selznick

Alysa tackled "Wonderstruck," from the same author/illustrator who gave us "The Invention of Hugo Cabret." She notes her visceral reaction to this newest book:

Sitting alone in a quiet house and reading Wonderstruck, I almost forgot I could hear. The parallel stories pulled me along from the very beginning; Selznick wastes no time introducing us to the conflict.

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