“The Mockingbirds” by Daisy Whitney

We at Cybils hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and there were lots of books under your tree or magically appearing in your Nook/Kindle/iPad or whatever. Welcome back!

Today's review is of a book that's kind of a downer, so don't read on if you don't like books about Bad Things That Happen. That's a heckuva lot of YA books, by the way, so I feel pretty confident you're still reading.

Mockingbirds, The
by Daisy Whitney
Little, Brown

I won't give away what bad things happen in The Mockingbirds (which I haven't read) but instead will point you to Ten Cent Notes, written by Jordyn Turney. While she starts off with plot summary, as many bloggers do, she pulls back to look at the book's broader themes of the search for justice and how well the author keeps the story moving along. A sample:

It's about being brave and tough when those are the last things you feel like you can be. The supporting cast of this book – Alex's older sister, her roommates, key members of the Mockingbirds, and even Carter himself – are all amazingly well-written. Each character is there for a reason and each character, even the most minor, have distinct personalities that make them stand out. The cast of characters here is fairly large, but it's written in the most manageable way possible and the dynamics that exist between certain characters, such as Alex and her roommates, add additional layers and depth to the story.

The boldface is hers. Read the rest here.