Monday Monday

Not my favorite day of the week. I've already made one boo-boo. I was deleting comment spam (how much do I hate those people? Honestly, if you want to peddle your knock-off Uggs, buy a freaking ad!) and I accidentally deleted a legitimate comment. If it's yours, please repost it. Sorry!

Also, our fabulous teen nonfiction organizer, Gina Ruiz, is leading an effort to try and get the Tucson school board to reintroduce books that were banned as part of an effort to end ethnic studies statewide. Yes, my proud state is up to its silly tricks again. Gina explains it better. However, it's not part of the SB 1070 anti-immigration statute, but grows out of the same illogic and fearmongering that led to the bill's passage.

Gina's also compiling a list of books banned in Tucson and has a petition to sign.

Update: Here is an article explaining the controversy.

Update II: Gina gets a mention in The Nation.