A mountain of fountain pens

IMG_2642This was the scene in my living room the other week as I finally sent out a huge batch of fountain pens for the 2009 Cybils. Yes, you read that right, the 2009 awards just went out.

There were various reasons for the delays: I still don't even have all the addresses I need. The 2010 awards are next and fundraising woes have kept me from even ordering those awards. I have enough for 2010 now, but not for 2011.

Plus, I have the organizational skills of a cyclone, which is to say that things get messier for my having been around.

Even so, I felt a sense of triumph at my little tower the other week. I got some nice thank yous from the winning authors too. Hopefully, I'll get the remainder out before they all retire.

-Anne Levy, Cybils Admin.