Introducing Fiction Picture Books

Part of a series introducing each genre, written by the organizer.

The category of Fiction Picture Books would appear clearcut: books
that are fictional with pictures. Oh, but that simplicity is
deceptive. The genre contains titles for toddlers and third graders,
funny stories and moving tales, history and fantasy, traditions and
diversity, elegance and silliness, education and entertainment. An
amazing conceptual range for books with typically 32 to 48 pages.

All these types of books must be weighed against each other to
create a Cybils shortlist of standouts that excel in story,
illustration, kid appeal and literary value. Not-so-simple a task in
not-so-simple a category, but at end of the Cybils judging, we plan to
bring you some of the best in fiction picture books and a final winner
to represent them all.

–Pamela Coughlan

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