Meet Jone MacCulloch, Poetry Chair

JoneMacPhotoJone is a regular contributor in the Poetry Friday community. Her blog Check It Out features the work of her students, poetry books for children, and poet interviews. Her school's "Poetry Postcard Project" for National Poetry Month is in its fourth year with postcards traveling the world.

Jone begins her 39th year of teaching this year. She shares her poetry passion with students and staff in Vancouver, WA. She would rather write poetry than memorize poems. Her blog Deowriter is her online notebook for haiku and other poetry forms. You can find out what happens in the library and books she's reading through twitter @JoneMac53.

This haiku describes what she does when she's not teaching, reading or writing.

camera in hand
endless paths to wander
words arrive on wings

Jone lives in the Portland area with her bread baking husband and two doxies.