MG/YA Nonfiction: It Isn’t Always Dry…

Part of a series to introduce each genre, written by the category chair.

I mean come on!  A famous pilot missing for years, all
about crocodiles, the guy with the insane hairdo, creepy bugs, green solutions
for our planet, plunging to the depths of the icy sea, riding the first
bicycle, feeling the anger and triumph as women win the right to vote, getting
inside the inner workings of an airplane, traveling the world…these are all
subjects that have been or will be covered in the Non-fiction Middle Grade and
YA category at some point.

Non-fiction is supposed to be the factual and true accounts of any given
subject.  That doesn't mean it has to be boring. 

We're looking for engaging books that teach with darned good
storytelling.  The reading level at Middle Grade is particularly important
because we are fostering that love of reading, playing to their curiosity and
investigative senses.  At the YA level, we are looking for more complex
factual writing, but we're still looking at keeping that love of reading and
learning going strong.

NFMGYA in a nutshell?

  • Truth
  • Storytelling
  • Great writing
  • Kid Appeal

— Gina Ruiz

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