What We’re Looking for in Nonfiction Picture Books

Part of a series to introduce each genre, written by the category chair.

You're never too young for nonfiction! Nonfiction Picture
Books are the perfect way to introduce kids to the amazing world around them,
from history and biography to art and nature. Science? Math? Animals? Sports?
It's all here and more besides! We're looking for titles that make great
read-alouds or are suitable for beginning and intermediate readers,
illustrations and photographs that will wow kids and adults alike, and topics
so fascinating that kids will want to go digging for more, more, more

Nonfiction Picture Books includes titles with
factual content and informational titles, or books intended to teach. For example,
the Magic School Bus series or biographies with fictional dialogue would be
included. Titles are generally 48 pages or less with text aimed at younger
readers and listeners.

— Jennifer Wharton

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