Middle Grade (Realistic) Fiction

Part of a series to introduce each genre, written by the category chair.

Middle grade fiction encompasses a wide range of stories
that do not have magical elements and are geared toward the 8 to 12 year old
age group. Mysteries, histories, humor, sports, adventure and other tales set
in the real world are all part of this category.

Readers this age are trying to figure out who they are and
who they want to be, and reading fiction is a great way for them to explore the
possibilities in the world without worrying that they are wearing the wrong

Sometimes, they like to read about kids just like themselves
in real life situations, whether they are kids who get good grades or
constantly get into trouble. If these books are funny and action-packed, so
much the better! On the other hand, since readers are expanding their world
views, they often like to read about kids who are not like them—characters who
have other interests, live in other places and times, have different kinds of
families, and face struggles they may never have experienced.

The Cybils hopes to find realistic fiction books
that are well-written and thought provoking but also make Middle Grade readers
want to keep turning the pages. This is your chance to tell us what books you
think middle grade readers will not only learn from but be excited about recommending
to their friends.

— Karen Yingling

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