Nominations Start Tomorrow…With a Few Changes

Nominations for the 2012 Cybils open just after the stroke of
midnight (Pacific time) as Sunday turns into Monday. Check your list
of favorite new books and get ready, everyone.

But — Attention, Please! Achtung! And so forth! — we've had a few changes to our nominations process and timeline, particularly with respect to where publishers and self-published authors come in. So please check below the jump for these changes, or review the FAQ. Thanks in advance for your careful reading.

Changes to who can nominate: Anyone may nominate
one book per genre during the public nomination period. HOWEVER, new this year, we are
asking authors, publishers and publicists to wait until after the public
nomination period ends to submit their own books.

Updates to the nomination form: This year, weโ€™ve tried to make the form
mobile-friendly, so you can use your phone to nominate if you prefer. Authors
and publishers may use the public form to nominate books other than their own,
but should contact for information on submitting their
own books.

New information for publishers:

This year, we are providing
publishers, authors, and publicists a separate window to submit books after the
public nomination period ends. This gives you a chance to see what books have
been nominated, and to submit any deserving books that fell through the cracks.
You may submit up to 10% of your 2012 childrenโ€™s/YA list. We ask that you do
not submit your own books during the public nomination period.

After Oct. 15, we'll be in
touch to let you know what books have been nominated, and give you a chance to
submit any additional ones. We do ask that you send review copies, physical or
digital, of any books that you submit. Review copies of publicly nominated
books will be optional, as always, but itโ€™s often helpful if you can get us a
few.  This year we will also be working
with NetGalley,
so you are free to use that as an option for making copies available. Please
don't contact judges directly. We'll be sorting out who needs what to prevent
duplication. To make sure youโ€™re on the list to receive information, please
send an email to Sheila Ruth at Thanks!

New information for self-published authors: Please see the above
information for publishers. To make sure that we have your contact information,
drop an email to Sheila Ruth at Please don't contact
judges directly. It's much easier to have only one contact person — for us and
for you.