The 2012 Fantasy & Science Fiction Judges

Get ready for, not two, but FOUR panels in SFF–one set for Middle Grade nominees and the other set for Teen books. A hearty welcome to newbies and veterans alike!

Round 1 – MG

Anamaria Anderson
Books Together

Sherry Early


Sondra Eklund


Melissa Fox
Book Nut


Jessalynn Gale
Garish & Tweed 


Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte’s Library

Cheryl Vanatti
Reading Rumpus


Round 2 – MG

Hayley Beale
From the Children’s Room 

Kristen Evey
Bookends (& Beginnings) 


Rosemary Kiladitis
More Coffee, Please 


Gina Ruiz


Amelia Yunker
Challenging the Bookworm 

Round 1 – Teen

Kim Baccellia
YA Books Central

Flannery Carlos
The Readventurer


Aurora Celeste


Tanita Davis
Finding Wonderland

Karen Jensen
Teen Librarian’s Toolbox


Sheila Ruth
Wands and Worlds

Hallie Tibbets
Undusty New Books


Round 2 – Teen

Emma Carbone
Miss Print 


Zac Harding
My Best Friends Are Books 


Kerry Millar
Shelf Elf


Tasha Saecker
Waking Brain Cells


Nicole Signoretta
booked up