5 Reasons to Love the Cybils

This year, our own Charlotte Taylor, MG SFF Round 1 judge and blogger at Charlotte's Library, wrote up a post with five reasons why people should nominate books for the Cybils. Though the nominations period has ended, we still think Charlotte's list is noteworthy–and not only that, these are five excellent reasons to love and support the Cybils, not just through nominations, but throughout the year. (If you should find yourself so moved, you can support us in monetary fashion, too…)

Anyway, all sneaky-begging-for-money aside, you should love the Cybils because you'll:

1. have your good taste vindicated when the book you nominated makes it to the short list with your name and link next to it, and you will have lots of blog visitors as a result.

2. Be telling a much loved author you love her or his book

3. Be thanking the publisher of a book you love

4. Be ensuring that the book is read by up to seven bloggers, who might well love it too and spread the word on their blogs

5. Be sending a message to anyone who cares about children's book awards that we who are part of the children's and YA blog community, as writers of blogs or readers of blogs or both, are incredibly passionate about great books for young readers! And you'll be contributing to a really great resource–the Cybils shortlists are truly fantastic.

Thanks so much, Charlotte! Because the Cybils is a volunteer effort, it is truly what we make of it, and it's ongoing enthusiasm and participation like yours that keeps it all going.