Cybils Midterm Progress Report

Greetings, and welcome to the halfway point of the Cybils reading period! Wondering how many nominees we ended up with after the publisher submission period? Curious about how quickly (or slowly) we're proceeding? Hows about a quick update on how we're doing so far? As of last night:

Total eligible books across all categories: 1374, 1074 of which were public nominations and 300 of which were publisher submissions

Books read by at least 1 panelist: 1151, or 83.8% of the books

Books read by at least 2 panelists: 822, or 59.8% of the books

Unread books: 223, or 16.2% of the books

And now, a quick plug for our top readers so far (and a special W00T for my co-blogger, Tanita, the Fastest Reader Evar):

Panelists with the Most Books Read:

Rebecca Reid (Rebecca Reads), Fiction Picture Books: 141 books

Laura Given (LibLaura5), Fiction Picture Books: 130 books

Tanita S. Davis (Finding Wonderland), SFF/Teen: 103 books

Panelists with the Most Pages Read:

Tanita S. Davis (Finding Wonderland), SFF/Teen: 33,264 pages

Charlotte Taylor (Charlotte's Library), SFF/MG: 25,064 pages

Karen Yingling (Ms. Yingling Reads), MG Fiction: 23,578 pages

Keep rooting for our amazing book-guzzling panelists and your favorite titles, and please keep visiting the Cybils blog for a selection of reviews from our judges.

–Sarah Stevenson, blog editor