Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities by Mike Jung

Cybils veteran Melissa Fox of Book Nut is today's featured blogger, and this year she's a Round 1 panelist for Middle-Grade Fantasy and Sci-Fi. She's a bookseller in Kansas who reviews primarily MG and YA fiction and SFF, with the occasional nonfiction book, adult read, or graphic novel thrown in. Fun Fact: she also contributes to a YA blog called The YAckers Book Club.

GeeksGirlsRecently, Melissa reviewed Cybils MG SFF nominee Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities by Mike Jung. [Editor's note: I got to go to the book launch, and it was fabulous! Ukulele music and everything!] Main character Vincent Wu is a huge fan of Captain Stupendous–and obviously, from that alone, you can see the book's going to live up to its title. In her review, Melissa said:

I liked the nod to the kind of superhero geekery that guys (and some
girls) get into, knowing every little bit about the superhero they
idolize. Jung just took it one step further and made the superhero a
real, rather than made-up, person.

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