Pete’s Robot by Heartdrive Media LLC

Carisa Kluver, a Round 1 judge for Book Apps, writes reviews of book apps for Digital Storytime and Digital Media Diet, where she serves up thoughtful opinions on how we can best provide a balanced digital media diet for our kids. Fun Fact: Carisa and her husband have developed many smartphone apps of their own, mostly finance apps for Android.

PetesRobotHer review of the book app Pete's Robot by Heartdrive Media LLC is today's featured review. Pete's Robot is the story of a boy, his dog, and the robot they build together, as well as the silly and eccentric village they live in. In her review, Carisa said:

Silly faces, funny dance moves and the charming 'heartdrive' that powers
the robot's 'humanity' will have children asking to re-read this book
often. Adults will also appreciate the solid production values, engaging
storyline and thoughtful use of enhancements.

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