The Artifacts by Slap Happy Larry

Paula Willey of the blog Pink Me is a longtime blogger, Cybils regular, reviewer of apps for School Library Journal, public library employee, school library consultant, mom, and pink-haired science fan. On her blog, she reviews a wide range of titles, from picture books to YA, and she's particularly knowledgeable about nonfiction. Fun fact (besides the pink hair): she teaches Circus Arts like hula hooping to elementary school children.

ArtifactsEarly this year, she reviewed the Book App nominee The Artifacts, developed by Slap Happy Larry, for School Library Journal's Touch and Go blog. This is one of those rare (but hopefully, becoming less rare) apps that appeals to teen and tween readers. Protagonist Asaf, age 13, is a finder of treasures in trash. According to Paula's review:

The narration of this 21-page story is automatic, but in order to find
dialogue and explore Asaf’s thoughts and surroundings, readers must
experiment with tapping and tilting, stroking and shaking. Not all
enhancements are intuitive, giving the app experience a welcome
exploratory quality.

Read the full review here.