Benjamin Franklinstein Meets Thomas Deadison by Larry David Tuxbury

Our featured reviewer for the day is a Cybils veteran instantly recognizable to many in the kidlit and book blogging community: Sherry Early, who blogs at Semicolon. Besides being a Round 1 judge this year for MG Fantasy and Sci-fi, she provides via her blog an astounding array of resources on books, kidlit, homeschooling, Christianity, and much much more. Fun fact: She herself is a homeschooling mom–of EIGHT children!

BenjaminFranklinsteinA few months ago, Sherry reviewed Cybils MG SFF nominee Benjamin Franklinstein Meets Thomas Deadison by Matthew McElligott and Larry Tuxbury, the latest book in a series that promises crazy scientific gizmos, undead geniuses thwarting evil, and plenty of silly mayhem. In her review, Sherry said: 

This series is easy to read and just fun, nothing heavy or serious,
just a simple story about an evil-emperor who tries to take over the
world by hypnotizing everyone with scientifically altered light bulbs.

Read the full review here (plus a review of the latest title by Cybils winner Tom Angleberger).