Boy21 by Matthew Quick

Our featured reviewer of this wintry Friday is Cybils veteran Sarah Gross of The Reading Zone, one of our Round 1 judges for YA Fiction. Sarah is currently a high school English teacher passionate about finding great books to share with her students. Fun fact: She is the brains behind the ARCs Float On project, which aims to connect bloggers who have review copies to spare with classroom teachers in need of books.

Boy21One of the Cybils YA Fiction nominees that Sarah reviewed this year was Boy21 by Matthew Quick, a novel of basketball, tragedy, redemption and friendship that is not only a great guy book and sports novel but also just a good read overall. As Sarah says in her review,

this is a book about life.  Smart, funny, raw, and touching, it’s a book
I can confidently recommend to all of my readers, from reluctant to
voracious.  The characters are real and their lives are not perfect.

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