Heads Up! The Cybils are Coming!

Hello! Ms. Yingling, blog-editor pro tem here! While there's still plenty of summer left, things are heating up behind the scene here at the Cybils. We will be taking applications for panelists from August 15-31. More information will be available then, but if your late August is somewhat hectic, you might want to pour yourself a tall glass of lemonade and check out the Cybils FAQs now, or jot the dates in your calendar so you don't miss the deadline to apply.

Keep in mind that it's very important to all parts of the process that readers who want to be panelists or nominate books should, whenever possible, drop work of all kind and READ. Even if it involves a hammock or easy chair and hours of grueling immobility, possibly in a scenic location, you are allowed to remind anyone who wants to distract you from your books that you are WORKING. Hard. And instead of asking you to make dinner or mow the lawn, they should be delivering your lemonade refill silently.