Review of Lincoln’s Grave Robbers

Sherry Early is a reader and home school teacher from Texas who blogs at Semicolon. Here is her take on Steve Sheinkin's book, Lincoln's Grave Robbers, which has been nominated in the Young Adult Nonfiction division:

"I enjoyed Lincoln’s Grave Robbers mostly as look into history
and the almost comical antics of both criminals and police in the
post-Civil War time period. The politicians and journalists were
somewhat hapless and disorganized as well. On the other hand, I hope
that counterfeiters nowadays are not as successful as they back in the
late 1800′s. Sheinkin notes that “by 1864 an astounding 50 percent of
the paper money in circulation was fake.” And “the one and only task of
the Secret Service was to stop the counterfeiters.”"

For more, and to look at her great blog, visit Semicolon.