REVIEW: Frog Song

Our Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction review of the day comes from panelist Carol Wilcox, who blogs at Carol's Corner and has been a Cybils regular for many years now. She's a mom and educator, and posts thoughtful reviews of picture books, chapter books, poetry, and more.

FrogSongRecently, she reviewed Cybils nominee Frog Song, written by Brenda Z. Guiberson and illustrated by the amazing Gennady Spirin. How could any nature-loving kid (or adult) not be fascinated by a book about unusual frogs from around the world? Carol said in her review:

FROG SONG could be used in a unit on animals, or adaptation, or protecting the earth. It could be used in a nonfiction study of  text structure. Or in writing for voice.

Or it could simply be read and reread and enjoyed, because it's wonderful!

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