Review of Amelia and the Terror of the Night

Jill Goodman reviews book apps for Smart Apps for Kids, a website that has all sorts of information about book apps as well as lists of apps based on age and interest level. 

She has this review of Amelia and the Terror of the Night  posted.


2012-12-25 19.10.04

"OhNoo has created a masterpiece. The only book app that approaches this level of technical sophistication is Pedlar Lady,
which I reviewed earlier this year. It's presently sitting on the front
of the App Store Book page not as a flavor of the week New and
Noteworthy app but as an Essential app for new iPad owners. So, trust
me. Amelia is in

a class by itself and can be enjoyed by the entire
family. It's a bit dark and creepy but really no more scary than
Disney's Haunted Mansion. Since there's no line at the App Store, you
have no excuse not to download Amelia now.