REVIEW: When Thunder Comes: Poems for Civil Rights Leaders

Today's featured review, in the Poetry category, comes from Round 1 Poetry panelist and longtime Cybils veteran Kelly Fineman of Writing and Ruminating. Kelly is a poet herself, so she knows whereof she speaks–she's the author of the lovely picture book At the Boardwalk.

WhenThunderComesEarlier this year, she reviewed Cybils Poetry nominee When Thunder Comes: Poems for Civil Rights Leaders by J. Patrick Lewis (and illustrated by five artists: Jim Burke, R. Gregory Christie, Tonya Engel, John Parra, and Meilo So). The book profiles seventeen civil rights leaders, famous and not-so-famous. Each poem has a two-page spread with gorgeous artwork. In her review, Kelly says:

This book is perfect for discussion during February, which is African American History Month, or March, which is Women's History Month, but truly, it's perfect for reading year-round, and a must-buy for middle school libraries everywhere (in my opinion, of course).

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