Meet the Organizers: Anne Levy, Executive Director (aka Cybils Boss Lady)

I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea that this is the 9th Cybils Awards. It began with a snarky remark on a friend’s post that maybe us smarty-pants blogger types should start our own literary awards. And here we are, still pinning virtual ribbons on authors and illustrators, and still snarking away.

I’m returning to active Cybils duty this year after a 2-year hiatus teaching at a charter school in Phoenix, Arizona. I shall continue to inflict English grammar, composition, and literature on 8th graders, but my big news is that my very own novel is coming out soon.

Actually, I have TWO novels coming out. The Temple of Doubt hits bookstore shelves in Spring 2015 and its sequel, The Well of Prayers, comes out in Fall 2015, both from Skyhorse Publishing. They’re YA fantasy, and you can find out more at my website,