2014 Finalists: By The Numbers

Just a little bit of tooting our own horn (we’ll get to other’s celebratory tweets on Sunday. Promise!), mostly because we’re incredibly proud of all the work that the first round panelists did. Anne already highlighted the diversity in the finalists, but in addition:

  • There were 1,333 books eligible across all categories.
  • Of those books, 99.9% were read by one panelist.
  • 97.1% of the books were read by 2 or more panelists.
  • Only one book didn’t get read at all.

There were also several panelists read all (or nearly all) of the books in their category as well.

Any way you crunch the numbers, it’s a pretty impressive feat, and we’re more than grateful for the time and effort they all put in!

Next up: reactions from around the interwebs!