2014 Finalists: The Ones that Got Away

Every year, our panelists read hundreds of books (generally). Which means, every year, when they as a group narrow the books down to finalists, there are some that don’t make the cut. Here are some posts by panelists highlighting great books in their categories that didn’t quite make the cut.

Kim at Si, Se Puede highlights some of her favorite YA Speculative Fiction books.

YA Speculative Fiction chair Sheila has a round-up of her favorites from the nominees.

Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction chair Charlotte muses about ones that didn’t quite make the shortlist over at Charlotte’s Library.

And two from Elementary/Middle Grade Fiction paneleists: Brandy’s highlights and Sherry’s (hilarious) awards.

We’ll probably do another round-up of posts, so let us know in the comments if we missed yours!