Review: Brimsby’s Hats

One of my favorite things about Fiction Picture Book panelist Dawn’s blog, My Thoughts Exactly, is her Friday Five roundup. Most Friday, she features a list of 5 books (or things) she’s been reading (and loving). And during Cybils season, those roundups are usually of the books she’s reading. She highlighted Fiction Picture Book finalist Brimsby’s Hats, by Andrew Prahin. Dawn wrote:

Oh, this one is just heartwarming and lovely. A hatmaker named Brimsby lived a quiet and content life, making hats and spending time with his friend who brewed the most delicious tea. Their days were spent working their crafts and engaging in delightful conversation. Many years went by this way, but Brimsby’s friend declared one day that he was going to fulfill his dream of becoming a sea captain and travel the world. In his absence, Brimsby misses him and his companionship. When he goes out to seek new friends, he finds an opportunity to be kindly and helpful, gaining a bunch of new pals in the process. I’m quite fond of this book for its warm spirit.

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