Applications Are Now Closed

We want to stop and give a huge THANK YOU to all who applied; without you there would be no Cybils. Those who have been accepted onto panels will soon be contacted by the category chair. And then you have a short break before the work begins after October 1 (or if you’re ambitious, you can start pre-reading, based on safe guesses of what the nominations will be…).

For those who didn’t get accepted: THANK YOU for applying. Seriously. We’re so sorry we couldn’t fit you in this year. Please nominate your favorite books on October 1, help spread the word about the Cybils, and be a cheerleader on the side. And don’t feel despondent: just because we don’t have room for you this year, it doesn’t mean we won’t have room for you another year.

We’ll be quiet around here until September 17th, when we reveal our panels. Until then: start thinking about what books you want to nominate. (That’s really the fun part!)