Fiction Picture Books Category Description

Ah, fiction picture books. Their skinny spines create a kaleidoscope on bookshelves that is mesmerizing. On each shelf, you are likely to find the tall one next to the short one, the orange one next to a purple or green one, and sweet script cowering next to BIG BOLD TITLES. Fiction Picture Books are a show and tell art form. They introduce young readers to their worlds, present and past; take us on fantastic  journeys, real and imagined; guide us in the world’s “best practices” – from the Magic Word to cultural traditions; and inspire us to do great things. Inside a Fiction Picture Book you are as likely to discover something that makes a toddler giggle for days on end as you are to share a story that reduces a third grader to tears. We know that you’re going to make our job hard. Very hard. Why? Because you are going to nominate lots of outstanding titles that (to use Pam’s words) “excel in story, illustration, kid appeal, and literary value.” Each of us on the panel looks forward to rediscovering books we’ve loved this year and learn about titles that are new to us. So, we’ll say “thank you” in advance. We look forward to the journey. The technical eligibility requirements for the Fiction Picture Books category must be

  • available in print – no eBooks, iBooks, or board books;
  • written for a young audience (generally 2 to 9);
  • fall within the accepted page count of 32 to 48 pages;
  • published between October 16, 2014 and October 15, 2015.

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