Meet the 2015 Organizers: Anne Levy, Executive Director

I’m the Cybils spokes-model, getting paid big bucks to show off my glamorous self and sell these sleek awards. Only I don’t get paid, and I’m in my PJs, and the awards are free. I’m not really sure why organizers keep me around a decade after co-founding the awards, actually, except as some sort of mascot. I wave a lot from the background. Sadly, I can’t exploit all my virtual friends here to nominate my new book, “The Temple of Doubt”, because I’ve ruled myself ineligible. That kind of sucks, so I’ll just have to shamelessly promote myself instead:

Hey! My first book is out! It’s the start of a four-part YA fantasy series! It would totally win a Cybils if I were evil and corrupt! Sadly, I’m too passive aggressive to be evil, so if you’d like to buy my book, that’s totally cool. Or, like, if you don’t like it, I understand. I do. Honest. It’s okay. Really.

Meantime, can I interest you in nominating something for the Cybils? It comes in nine stylish categories and gets excellent blog mileage.