Meet the 2015 Organizers: Melissa Fox, Co-Blog Editor

Melissa has gained the reputation at work for being overly excitable… as evidenced by her squeals when 1) a new Middle Grade or YA book comes out, 2) when she gets to do a fun story time, 3) she gets to meet a cool author, or 3) whenever she finds a new (YA or Middle Grade, mostly) book she loves. In short: she loves her job (which happens to have the fancy title of  “Children’s Event Cooridnator”).

She is also super excited to still be a part of the Cybils! (She is very grateful for Sarah’s offer to help out this year!) She still manages to find time to (kind-of, sort-of) blog at Book Nut. She’s often surprised that she’s been doing this whole blogging thing since 2004. And since there’s not enough going on in her life, she manages to be the wife of an absent-minded professor and mother to four daughters (ages 9 to 19) and one foster daughter.