Meet the 2015 Organizers: Terry Doherty, Fiction Picture Books Chair

Telling you that I love books for young readers would come as no surprise to you. I can hear the chorus of “duhs” from here. But did you know that I thank my daughter every day for igniting this passion? It’s true.

Fifteen years ago, I started building a library for my daughter’s nursery. Since coming home from the bookstore with that motherlode of picture books, I have never looked back. That’s one of the many reasons that I love the CYBILS.

I waded into the Cybils process eight years ago as a panelist on the “new” Easy Readers Category. I loved every minute of every year. Cybils is the perfect catalyst for transitioning from summer to fall – and celebrating a year in books.

Each year, as panelist, judge or Chair, I was awestruck by one category: Pam Coughlan (MotherReader) and Fiction Picture Books. Talk about the motherlode! Year in, year out, the Fiction Picture Book Team wades through hundreds of books to select a small group of finalists and then a winner. What magic secret do they know?

Now, I am about to find out. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would learn that secret handshake. Yet here I am! Humbled by Pam’s invitation to continue the awesomeness (and high bar) she has set. Yet also very excited to be surrounded by the stories that remind me of the most precious times of my day: sharing a story with my (then) baby girl.

With Pam as my Yoda and my daughter as my Vishna, I am ready. If you’re reading this, I hope you will thinking about wading into the Cybils as a panelist or judge. Trust me, you’ll never look back!