The 2015 Cybils are OPEN!

Welcome to the TENTH annual Cybils awards! The nominations are now open!

Some quick reminders:

First off,  be sure to check out our category descriptions. If you don’t know where the book should go, please read through the descriptions to help you decide. If you’re still not quite sure, make your best guess, and we can straighten things out behind the scenes.

Take a minute to check out our Rules and Regulations. The big one: the book needs to be published between October 16, 2014 and October 15, 2015. Oh, and ONE book per CATEGORY per PERSON. No exceptions. The form will kick you back if you try to nominate more than one book (or if someone else has already nominated the book).

If you are a publisher or an author, you need to wait until the public nomination period closes before submitting your nominations.

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ page.  And if you want to be a sideline judge and keep up-to-date, you can see all the nominations by category.

And on that note: Let the games (or, rather, nominating) begin! (May the odds be ever in your favor?) 

Here’s the nomination form.

2015 Nominations by category: