Kidlitcon 2017 – Call for West Coast Hosts!

On behalf of the Kidlitcon 2016 organizing team, we all wanted to let you know that KidLitCon 2016 was a big success! We missed those of you who couldn’t be there. Everyone who attended enjoyed lots of facetime with favorite authors, terrific food, and abundant swag. Bonds were formed with fellow bloggers and kidlit enthusiasts. The halls echoed with laughter!

We can duplicate and build on this success next year – but we MUST get a jump on planning.

Normally 2017 would be scheduled for the West Coast, but at this point we don’t have anyone from the West Coast who has volunteered to be the local organizer. We do have someone who is enthusiastic about organizing in Philadelphia, however, and we are considering passing over the West Coast this time around, in favor of PA. If anyone here would like to organize a West Coast KidLitCon for 2017, please let us know by November 1st. Otherwise we will proceed with PA, and get started immediately on setting things up.

There is a team in place willing to continue setting up the program, contacting publishers and potential speakers, doing marketing, etc. However, a local host/organizer is needed to arrange meeting space, contact local booksellers, reach out to local communities, etc.

If interested, please leave a comment here and someone from this year’s organizing crew will reach out to you!