The 2016 Finalists

I feel intimidated writing this  post this year; it’s usually the domain of our illustrious co-founder and overlord, Anne Levy. But 2016 has been a hard year for everyone, and that includes Anne. So I’m writing this in her stead. Thank you for being understanding!

A few numbers, to begin with:

We had 1163 books nominated, across all categories.  Out of those books,  99.7% of the books were read by at least one panelist. And 98.3% were read by two panelists. Thinking of all the person-hours that entails boggles the mind. 

And those panelists who did all the reading (and listening! Make sure you check out the inaugural audiobooks list!) have come up with some pretty amazing shortlists. Help us spread the word: share the lists with someone who loves books, pass along the hard work that these amazing volunteers have done. Don’t forget to tweet your reactions at us @Cybils or #Cybils. 

Most of all, enjoy the books on the lists! There are some great ones!

Happy Reading!

2016 Finalists:

Easy Readers and Early Chapter Books
Elementary/Juvenile Non-Fiction
Elementary/Middle Grade Graphic Novels
Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction
Fiction Picture Books
Board Books
Middle-Grade Fiction
Middle Grade/Young Adult Non-Fiction
Young Adult Graphic Novels
Young Adult Fiction
Young Adult Speculative Fiction